New Look

Ah, it’s nearing the end of the year and I have *ahem* finally gotten around to redoing my site. I was tired of the martini olive, but hadn’t found anything that I really liked. So I finally got around to seeing what I could make in Illustrator, and really just like the random boxes. Go figure.

Apart from the late-1960’s/early-1970’s vibe that the boxes give off, the color scheme was chosen via Kuler using a favorite picture I took of fall in Maine. Here’s the pic:

And while I’m trying to clean up the ads around here, I have to tell you, this video makes me laugh every time I see it. You should totally buy it.

P!nk - Funhouse (Deluxe Version) - So What






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  1. Mom Avatar

    I really like the new look – very sharp!!!!!! I think you need to take a band (Maybe the light blue) across so that the title is connected to the graphics???? (Right now the “Hamm on Wry” is floating – not part of the graphic.

    What do I know anyway?

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