Monday Night Flights of Fancy

Yes, me and my fancy pants jeans were on stage tonight, once again doing the stand-up thing. First off, I didn’t bomb, yet again, although I did have a moment of pot-head (not that I smoked pot, mother) where my brain just stopped functioning and was the gray-matter equivalent of spoiled soup and I COULDN’T. THINK. AT. ALL!

However, that was 2.5 minutes into my 5 minute allotment, and I recovered, did another joke and got back to it and got off stage. Then I got complimented by a few of the pros – yes, people who go to the open mic to work out new material but who are also already doing shows on their on own in some capacity. Even better, one of the compliments was given by one pro to another in front of me, and that’s always a great thing.

One thing about comics, more so than any other performers, is that they are supportive if you’re good. They were in improv and they are in stand-up. And that’s wonderful.

What’s not wonderful is that I couldn’t find my little camera to film tonight. I could find the two big cameras, but no one can hold them up for more than a minute, and so that wouldn’t have been fun for my friends. Anyway, I will post a video of this stuff soon. Fun Times!






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  1. Lori Hamm Avatar

    There’s No Business Like Show Business. ‘Nuff said. Anyway glad it was a mostly positive experience! Keep at it!

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