Mom, she’s a mother, too, you know.

So I was curious about this as well, because it is odd to see and should be easily explained if someone bothered to ask. So I did ask, and lo-and-behold, the answer was easy. Pam had to deal with sick kids and doctors visits, and those happen during those days. And don’t think for a minute that she couldn’t stay late or arrive early to accomplish the hours she says she did. I’ve met Pam several times, and I have nothing but the highest respect for her and I know her integrity is both unwavering and admirable.

I’m sorry that I didn’t make it clear to my own mother that, yes, Pam is a mother, too, and had to deal with some unforeseen illness of her kids, and she used some sick-leave to do so, and yes, it was on days that she did other things for her campaign, as one would no doubt understand as every day she’s doing something for her campaign.

The only thing that should have sent up red-flags for my mom would be that no one in the press was running with this. If it had even the slightest chance of being true, you can bet that the press would at least question her on it, if not flat out attack her on it. Liking her isn’t a shield, especially when we have the true professionals such as Marnee Banks, Dan Boyce, Chuck Johnson and the rest of the amazing people who cover politics in Montana.

In the middle of your post you put:

It’s interesting that both the Billings Gazette and the Bozeman Chronicle have endorsed Bucy. Assuming the editors of those papers were unaware of this story, I wonder if they will now withdraw their endorsements in light of this information? Or maybe this is an effort on the part of these papers to insure four years of juicy stories about corruption and scandal in Montana’s Department of Justice…

You’ll notice that you’re assuming a lot in there. You’re assuming wrong. Worse, you’re doing it because you are dying to find a reason to not like Pam, in the hopes that Tim Fox can be the next AG. Be more concerned that Tim is such a coward he won’t talk to the media.

And if he can’t handle questions from the press, how the hell is he going to handle questions from SCOTUS?!?






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