Many Thanks

So, I just finished printing out 50 jewelboxing CD case bits and 50 CDs as well as burning the friggin things. I’m here to tell you, Epson has a real winner in the R280 printer recently released and that I just bought for less than a benjamin. It’s just about perfect for me, given that I usually do a tenth of the number I had to accomplish tonight. With my old R300 it was ok, but the jewelboxing paper wouldn’t feed on it’s own and had to basically be hand-cranked into feeding into the machine. One thing the R300 did that the R280 doesn’t that I did use? Nothing. It did have a feature to print from a spool of paper, but I never found the spools or a need. It also had the ability to read several different formats of memory cards. Yeah, no, I use iPhoto to import and manage my image menagerie.

But, it was a good printer that died a horrible, ink-consuming-but-thankfully-not-spilling, death. So it was recycled the way all things are recycled in Montana. Don’t tell Greenpeace, but there’s an Epson at the bottom of the crick.

Back to the news. The R280 uses new inks, and for some reason Epson decided to include full tanks with the printer, so I managed to get through all the printing in very little time and I didn’t have to change any ink. Simply brilliant!

And combined with SmileOnMyMac’s Disklabel software, this whole process was fairly easy, if a bit long. All in all, I’m impressed with my new purchase.






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