Maine on my Mind

My lovely friend Laurie (not to be confused with my lovely mom, Lori) sent me more pictures of her. Pictures of her and her belly. She currently swells with the future brother to the fun-loving Owen – yes, another baby boy for her family, and frankly, I don’t think that her husband is too sad about that development. (As an aside, it’s taken me nearly two hours to conjure up her hubby’s name, but it’s Andrew. God, I’m a loser sometimes.) While Laurie may be bulging in all forward directions, it’s reassuring to know that she’s still the grooviest chick I know.

Here’s a picture Laurie and Owen, on the deck of her camp, overlooking the lake.

Laurie & Owne on the camp deck

And yes, I Photoshopped the hell out of this image, but it started out great anyway. Of course, any picture of a pregnant mom smiling tends to be amazing. Click to get the full-sized version if you want.

This picture is what my memories of Maine look like. It’s a sweet place to live, truly abandoned by modern life in so many ways, but fully connected in enough ways that it’s a special little version of paradise. I don’t know that I could live there anymore, certainly not as a single gay man, not and be happy. But man, the place was endearing in so many ways, that if I’d ever found the guy of my dreams while there, I think I could have stayed.

And you have no idea how shocked and amazed I am to think that.

Maine . Who knew?






4 responses to “Maine on my Mind”

  1. Lori Hamm Avatar

    Hey Laurie – sorry I didn’t recognize your name – you’re in my memory-banks as “Laurie/Owen’s mother/Kev’s friend” I’m not sure I ever knew your last name – we can blame Kevin. Anyway – nice to hear from you and congratulations on the new little bundle-to-be! (Hope he has eyes like his big brother’s!) Spoil yourself!!!!!!!

  2. Stacey Daigle Avatar
    Stacey Daigle


    The picture of Laurie looks great! I hope I can be counted amongst the grooviest you know in Maine. I miss you much, and so does Maine!

  3. johnny Avatar

    Maine. Um. Yeah. It’s been nine months since I moved, and I so don’t miss it at all. Does that make me cold?

  4. Betty H Avatar
    Betty H

    We miss you Kevin. :-)

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