Loving the GRLZ!

Well, it’s not a big surprise to anyone that’s been out to a gay bar that we love our Divas. Madonna, Cher, Britney, Christina, Shakira, Whitney, Missy, Gwen and so many others have spun out some amazing music over the years since Disco died and was resurrected as Dance. And tonight, at Rich’s, they have GRLZ which is a night of dance-a-licious Divas doing their thing, spun by DJ Joe Ross, and let me tell you, it’s a night like no other. Now, I need to get back to the club, I just stopped off at Starbucks to check my email and since nothing has broken, well, I’m off to Rich’s to dance my face off. See you later this week, and I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!






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  1. Lori Hamm Avatar

    Whew – there for a minute I thought you were writing about the GRIZ. Watch those fonts.

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