Less like a lion

I’ve been dwelling on the Attorney General’s race here in Montana for a while, and not without cause. I know both candidates Pam Bucy and Tim Fox. I like them both, even though I disagree with both of them on some issues. My disagreements are my own, tho, and while I could air a ton of bitching and whining here (like that’d be a shock!) the point of this isn’t what I think about the candidates, per se, it’s more that, as a Montanan who actually cares about the vote, getting to know the candidates is important.

At least, it used to be.

Tim Fox is running a stealth campaign that’s pretty much unprecedented in modern politics. He’s not talking to the press. He’s not talking to anyone. He’s not debating Pam. It’s as if …

Look, he’s running to be the Attorney General. This is a position that comes with a nametag that says “Come at me, bro!” and a big stick to help defend yourself and the state of Montana. That’s the role. How the hell can Tim think that he’ll be a good AG, or even a competent AG, if he can’t even come on PoliticktickBOOM?

And to be clear, this isn’t about sour grapes, this is an honest question. Because it’s not just me and my show that he’s hiding from, he’s refused to be on the Dunwell Report on Beartooth NBC, he’s refused to debate Pam anywhere reasonable – more on that in a minute – and he’s refused to be interviewed by some of the leading reporters in Montana politics. He did finally spend a day with Marnee Banks, but that was only after he’d refused everything so completely that even his echo-chamber of a campaign could hear the rumblings. Where’s his interview with PBS’ Dan Boyce? Or the newspapers? Maybe Chuck Adams? He’s running for state office, but he’s relying on the laurels of his last campaign, which he LOST!

The debates are the biggest thing. I finally had to ask the Bucy campaign why they hadn’t had a debate, and I got this right from Pam. Tim will be happy to debate  – in Wolf Point. Or Scobey. Never mind that both Tim and Pam live and work in Helena. He wants to hold a debate that’s too far away for the prying eyes of the press to catch him unable to defend his work and positions. There’s a word for that…

I ran into Tim recently, and once again tried to get him to guest on PoliticktickBOOM. He told me a couple of things that astounded me:

  1. The internet doesn’t matter. Those aren’t voters. (For any of my friends who disagree, be sure to prove it by voting for Pam!)
  2. Being on a show gives ammunition to the opposition. (Maybe, maybe not, but the opposition has already been on the show, so at the worst, it’s going to even the playing field, and in reality, it’s going to prove you are competent to talk about yourself, which is a baseline so low as to be unbelievable, yet it appears to be a problem for more and more politicians to achieve.)
  3. He didn’t want to be attacked.

The last one is the kicker. I’ve worked very hard to make sure that when someone comes on to PoliticktickBOOM, at least for their first appearance, that it’s not about policy, it’s about the person. Why are they in politics? When did they start? What do they like and what drives them crazy? These are important insofar as finding out that people on the other side of the political aisle from you are still people. I’ve had guests from both sides on, and not once have I attacked anyone. When they return we can discuss things like what they hope to influence, and why is that important to them, because those things are important, too. But even then, even when they bring up something that they support and I oppose with every fiber of my being, we can discuss it politely and calmly and find common ground.

Well, with everyone but Tim. Because he’s scared to talk to me. He’s running to be both the top prosecutor in the state and the state’s first defender. And he’s scared of me. He could have to face the Supreme Court of the United States, and defend Montana against many dangers and threats, to stand tall and talk strong in front of Scalia and the gang, and he’s scared of me. Me.

Let that sink in for a minute. He’s scared of me.

There’s no nice way to put it, but politics isn’t about being nice. It’s about getting the right people into the jobs and doing the right thing. You have no choice this election – you vote for someone who is going to stand up for Montana. This is Montana. We don’t vote for cowards.

Pam Bucy stands for Montana.






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  1. David Avatar

    I’m…baffled. I admittedly know less about the AG candidates than the other state-wide races, and his attitude (as referenced in your post, at least) is absolutely baffling. You know that I’m not always on “your” side of the aisle, Kev, but to be honest, Bucy might indeed get my vote. Sigh. On the plus side – hey, even Fox can’t resist Marnee’s charms, eh? :-D

  2. Sherri Avatar

    Hi Kev, good article. I found the facts as you reported them to be of great interest since I know Tim. I can only hope he is not as out of touch with the AG position should he win…keep up the honest reporting!

  3. […] Pssst….Tim Fox, Your Ideology is Showing By Cowgirl, on October 18, 2012, 8:45 pm | Discuss This week, the GOP candidate for attorney general admitted that he’s afraid to talk publicly about where he stands because if he does, voters will find out what he really believes and he’ll be “attacked” for it.  Kevin Hamm has the story on Hamm on Wry here.  […]

  4. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    I know Tim, too. It’s frustrating when you know someone is doing something wrong and can’t let it slide. It’s too important a position to leave to those who won’t stand up.

    I’m sure he’s going to hate me now, but I can’t sit back and not do something. Especially as his disdain for equality for all is a huge issue, too.

  5. Amorette Allison Avatar

    I don’t think we need a coward as Attorney General. What are his opinions that he is so afraid of people hearing them? I guess we’ll never know.

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