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So Eric Feaver, the head of the MEA-MFT Union has sent the Governor a demanding that the Governor return to the negotiation table and get them a raise.

I have no dog in this race, other than I do think that collective bargaining is, on the whole, a good thing. When it goes off the rails, tho, I have to wonder if people really feel that entitled or are that stupid.

In this case, I now know that the head of the MEA-MFT is an idiot who can’t understand the basics of how our government works.

I’m truly disturbed by this because the MEA-MFT is the teachers union and this jerk apparently never took or passed a basic civics course.

Let me outline the problem for you: the Governor doesn’t control the purse-strings in this state. I don’t know of any executive branch that does. The Legislature does. THAT’S NOT THE GOVERNOR, ERIC!

Demanding that the Governor return to the table is like asking your neighbor over to negotiate bedtime and expecting your mother to go along with it. Not going to work, asshole.

And suing the state? Bad idea. The labor board really needs to outline that the practice that’s gone on since who-knows-when of letting the governor stick his nose into the negotiations in the first place need never be done again, and in fact, the negotiations with the legislative appropriations committees are where the unions should be focusing.

I realize, with the current cruft of morons in our legislature that would be a useless thing to do, but it would, and is, the only legal angle they have to attack. Demanding of the governor something that his constitutional powers are specifically lacking is beyond stupid. Which makes me wonder why this idiot is the head of the teacher’s union.






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  1. david Avatar

    We may come from different angles on some issues, Kev, but this is spot-on.

  2. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    Thank you, David!

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