Leaks of Other News

Wow, talk about an Activist Judge. I don’t know all the details, but I got the basics. And now, I have them to share with you.

Wikileaks.org was set up to expose the wrongs of the world that fools have documented. This would be the Web2.0 version of the parking garage where Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein met with the mysterious-yet-hilariously-named Deep Throat. A repository of some of the shittiest things orchestrated by groups of humans that have caused real harm to many other humans.

And how effective is Wikileaks? I’m guessing you’re wondering that because, well, I’d never heard of it before today, either. Hat tip to The World’s Toughest Programmer, Mike.

Well, apparently the site is so good they’ve pissed off China. And several other questionable regimes. Which is all well and good, because governments deserve that sort of headache.

But Wikileaks didn’t stop there. Hell no. They go after everyone who exhibits snake-like behavior. Including a bank in the Cayman Islands. And in going after the oppressive and corrupt, Wikileaks has become the ultimate expression of Freedom of the Press, which is, you might recall, one of our primary rights here in the United States.

Ah, but never let it be said that bankers aren’t clever bastards, since they managed to buy a federal judge in California. How else do you explain that Judge White signed the order, drafted by the Cayman Islands bank’s lawyers without a single amendment? Judge White is a Bush appointee, so it’s certainly conceivable that he suffers from a whiff of douchedom, but Vice President Cheney wouldn’t even pull this stunt, and that man would kill a puppy for a quarter.

Wikileaks have basically registered under every top-level domain, so you can go to, say, wikilinks.cx. If heavy hands are going to try to use our nameservers against us, we should publish their IP address as well: They have also promised to step up publication of any and all leaks that pertain to the banking industry, which should very quickly ruin several bastard’s days.

I’m dismayed that this Judge didn’t toss the bank’s lawyer out on his ass. I’m disgusted that this Judge even entertained the idea for a second. And I’m absolutely livid that he signed the order. This guy shouldn’t be allowed an opinion on strawberry jam, let alone a core Constitutional Issue such as this.







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