Knee-jerk Reactions

Yeah, it’s pretty amazing that the Obama Administration even bothered to listen to Fox News at all, let alone lose their fucking minds and fire someone for relating a story about she personally realized that racial issues get in the way of making the world a better place. And then Obama and team are forced to apologize and beg her to return to some “unique position” that may or may not be what she did before.

Here’s what Mrs. Sherrod needs to do:

  • Sue Fox News for Libel, Defamation of Character
  • Sue Andrew Breitbart for: Libel, Defamation of Character
  • Sue Fox News & Andrew Breitbart for: Conspiracy to Defraud, Civil Rights Abuse
  • Sue the Federal Goverment & President Obama for: Wrongful Termination, Civil Rights Abuse.

Yes, I know that Obama has apologized, but let’s be real. He pressured an agency head to fire a staffer because of political pressure from a faked and vile videotape without doing any due diligence. Remember the basis of our legal system is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. If the president of the fucking country can’t remember that bit of truth then he needs to be reminded of it in the harshest way possible: put the fucker on the stand and make him explain his stupid fucking actions.

Yes, I’m fucking pissed. I can’t believe we’ve devolved to this level, but since we have, I’m going to continue to use language that fucking makes you as angry as I already am.






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