Ken Peterson Can Kiss My Ass

Ken Peterson is the biggest fucking bigot I’ve ever seen. There’s no nice way to say that, and frankly, after the things you’ve said, you don’t deserve to have me bother to find anything nice about you.

Oh wait, I know one thing that’s nice about you: you’re mortal. Please make use of our Assisted Suicide laws and prove it.






5 responses to “Ken Peterson Can Kiss My Ass”

  1. david Avatar

    Holy cow — just read the linked article — it absolutely boggles my mind (and nauseates me) that a grown person can actually believe (or want to believe) such “recruiting” nonsense. Disgusting.

  2. Barking Skwerl Avatar
    Barking Skwerl

    Does this guy own a pointy white hat perhaps? Kind of sound that way. He probably thought that comment by the T-party leader on Facebook was funny. How do we get so lucky to have these guys in the state legislature is beyond me.

  3. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    I don’t know what group he’s in, other than to know that whatever group it is they should be ashamed to have him. He’s a whackjob and he needs to get out of government now.

  4. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    Yep, that’s why I stopped being nice and started calling them out. It’s gone beyond where I care about what they purport to think anymore, I just have to call them like I see them. He’s an ass, and he’s got to go.

  5. […] just to clarify, in case you missed it, Ken Peterson is a fucking bigot and a masssive idiot and a Republican. In fact, he rode the Tea Party wave into office. Same for […]

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