Just kidding! HA HA!

Ok, so the weather-morons suck worse than normal, and while I’m glad I’m not getting hit by a hurricane, I would like to point out two things:

  1. Traffic to evacuate a major city is beyond stupid. I know of people that spent 18 hours to get to Austin from Houston, normally a 3 hour drive, and others who spent 24 hours to get to Midland, which is closer than Austin. Fucking stupid.
  2. People were evacuated to Beaumont and to parts of Louisiana. The Hurricane was apparently told to go there as well.

And here I am, at my home, safe as can be, getting ready for bed. Nothing has happened except a bit of wind a rain, and looking at the forecasts, unless something really dramatic happens, like Nuclear War, I’m going to get through this with nothing more than a moment of “meh” to remember it.

And really, I won’t remember that, as we do have booze. YAY!






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  1. Tricia Avatar

    Hey! I’ve been checking you cite to see how you are fairing! Glad to hear that you’ve found out that you’re bonkers, but we all knew that when you moved up to God know’s where in the north (whatever to living so far north that you can use both US and Canadian money). But seriously I’m really happy to hear that you’re just going to have to recover from the usual hangover and not have to deal with all the destruction that has happened as a result of Rita. I’ll talk to you soon! Tricia

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