Jesus H. Christ, it’s a Holy Shit

So, while I was working my blog today, I was also reading twitter and enjoying the general malaise that surrounds me as I’m being very productive but about things that mean little or nothing to anyone but me. I rather enjoy that feeling more than I should.

Twitterites the world over have, if they are pushing for change in a hard way, adopted Obama’s middle name into their own display names. For example, John Gruber has become John Hussein Gruber. Dawn has become Dawn Hussein Austin.

Rands, another blogger and twitterite, while not joining in this meme, has written about the Holy Shit. And today, I’ve had a Holy Shit!

You know how you didn’t know what the “H.” stood for when someone blurted out “Jesus H. Christ!”? Now you do!

May all the hate-filled, Prop-8 lovin’ fuckwit “christians” choke on it.






3 responses to “Jesus H. Christ, it’s a Holy Shit”

  1. Mom Avatar

    I’m actually embarrassed by this post. I understand your position on Prop 8, but your obnoxious attitude certainly does nothing to promote your position or to diminish the hate on either side; nor does it make possible the respectful discussion that will be required if the two sides are ever going to resolve the issue. Perhaps Twitter is not a positive influence in your life?

    I love you very much, and I know you are a great guy. People reading this post will only see the rage and disrespectful attitude. That rarely invites a positive response.

    And just for a second – while you’re being all cute with the “Hussein” thing – go check out the way Muslims feel about homosexuality. Can’t see beheading as being an acceptable alternative.

  2. Kevin Hamm Avatar

    Relax. You’re getting bent out of shape because I’m calling “AHHA!” on the single most annoying never-answered questioned in modern history – “What does the “H” stand for?” and you misread it as I’m angry? Yes, it’s Jesus Hussein Christ. So there, nyah, nyah, nyah!

    The hate-filled false-christians out here, that tout Prop 8 as a good thing and think that any religion but their own is a false one, especially muslim, are the one’s who, with this realization, will shit their pants. Which is, frankly, fun.

    Religion has no place in the governance of this country. That’s not to say you can’t have a religion, many people do. It’s just that when you make all your decisions based on a book that says we can sell our daughters for an ox, it’s probably time for you to not be voting.

    I have Irish roots, from you. And while I won’t eat Irish babies, I do think that you missed this Modest Revelation.

  3. Mom Avatar

    NO, NO, NO!!!! The “H” stands for “Howard” – as in “Our Father, who art in Heaven, Howard be thy name…” Jesus’ middle name is Howard – after his dad.

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