Intent and the cowards

Today I tweeted the following:

And I got the following response:

And then (yes, there’s an “And then”)

I don’t understand why people can’t see that it’s always the intent that matters. The words are the tools, but the tools have no power themselves. The power comes from the intent of the person using the tools, and so long as you confuse those two things, and think that words have power, or that intent is immaterial, you’re being a fool. There’s no nice way to say that, because the truth is you’re hiding your head in the sand, complaining that words are hurting you while avoiding the confrontation that would erupt from you confronting the twit who is using words to hurt you.

So yes, it comes down to this. You’re being a coward if you keep attacking the words people use instead of the people themselves. I’m looking your way, GLAAD.






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