So in the hopes that the Holidays and the festivities and the weather and all that would drown out the news, Verizon decided to institute a $2 “We’re Fucking Our Customers” “convenience fee” for people who pay online via their website, which has long since paid for itself many times over, or by stopping into the stores, if they used a credit or debit card.

Unfortunately for Verizon, the Holidays were blessedly calm, the festivities were humble and the weather has been uneventful, so the news about their little fee was BIG NEWS.

So much so that they basically BofA’d themselves with it. Fun!

But here’s the part that I don’t understand: part of the agreement that businesses sign with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover is that customers paying with those cards aren’t charged more for doing so. This is integral in their business model.

Yet the LA Times says:

Verizon, which has more than 90 million customers, said it was introducing the fee to help make up for the frees credit card companies take when they process payments.

How is it that Verizon thought it could break that basic part of it’s agreement with these companies? I want to know. And, more importantly, if Verizon is not subject to this clause, I want Attorney General Steve Bullock to investigate why.






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