Improving Your Saturday

I’ve been home for a bit today and no less than an hour of TV passed, and while I wasn’t watching it much, I noticed one thing: there were no political ads. It’s not primetime, and it’s not local stations, but still, it was so fucking lovely I almost wanted to skip the crap show that was on and just gaze in wonder at the advertising that was creative, fun, and not about what one side thinks the other side thinks is wrong about. Fucking glorious!

That said, I know it can’t last. It’s going to be back to Monday soon (ugh) and I’ll be sure to avoid the TV because it’s all “REHBERG SUCKS!” and “TESTER SUCKS!”, repeat, ad nauseum. Hateful.

But some of the ads are produced by douchebags, some are from the actual candidates. I’m ok with the candidate ads, because there’s a good chance that they were involved in shaping the message, and it’s important to see how they present their ideas, thoughts, and cases, as that’s going to show how they lead. It’s the ads from non-candidate PACs that drives me nuts. But who can tell who they are? And what ads they produced? And why?

Now, you can tell. Super PAC App is free, and if you’ve an iPhone or iPad, by all means, download this. Your knowledge of who is saying what is going to help you to vote well. And if you vote well, we’ll all do better, no matter on which side of the aisle you sit.






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