iMovie is dead! Long live iMovie!

Wow. You can’t run around the Mac-centric web without running into people who feel about the new iMovie as if they were referring to L.A. itself. The people bitching about how it does less and offers less and, well, just flat out is less want more. The rest of the people want to Just Make Home Movies. That’s all. Nothing overly cinematic, they just wanna shoot the kids and then send the flick to the grandparents. One does hope they are using a camera for the shooting, but as that some kids are bound to be in High School, that’s not a given. I digress.

I’m firmly in the “meh” department, but not because of what Apple has done to iMovie. More because I never needed iMovie. And, in fact, the one time I had to use it, because like an ass I thought I could make it through a week without my own computer with me, I almost strangled someone over it. I would have, too, except I was nowhere near Cupertino, nor do I know who chose to make iMovie what it was.

And let’s be honest, it’s a fat, round, bastard child of Final Cut Express and iPhoto. It had all the bad parts of both, and almost none of the good. No clip management, just import and suffer. No fine controls and pro-filters, because they wanted to sell FCE.

Guess what? FCE finally makes sense as a product. Some are bitching because they can’t prove they are the next Kubrick using just the iLife suite. Wah. Cry all you want, fuckers, it’s the right thing to do.

Why is it right? Because my mom doesn’t need to know about 29.97 fps on a 4:3 aspect in a 4:1:1 capture rate for an output to h.462 with AAC.he audio. She wants movie of grandbaby. And my sister should be able to plug in camera, see clips, join clips, send movie of grandbaby to grandma. Simple.

And besides, it seems that the new iMovie gets the Clip Management functions of the new Final Cut Server, if just for one computer and one user. Still, that scrubbing, viewing, arranging and visual thinking is half of what FCS is supposed to do – and you’re bitching? Fuck off!






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