Ill Papa

You know, if you’ve ever met me, that I have a complete and utter dislike of the Pope. I find him to be a horrible excuse for a human being. This is only part of the reason I don’t like the church, but he’s central to the problem in so many ways it’s heartbreaking.

Check this out. I can’t say I’m surprised or outraged, as I’ve long since burned from bonfire to seething ember on this issue, but still, this is awful. There is nothing about this man that should be revered, and so long as he’s in charge of the catholic church, every single member of that church is being lead down the garden path to hell.

I used to wonder how a member of the nazi youth (and don’t think for a minute that anyone alive as a child in Germany during Hitler’s reign was anything but nazi youth, they didn’t really have a choice) could become pope. I know the children didn’t have a choice, but given his views still align with his youthful indiscretions, how did the college of cardinals vote for this singularly disgusting and abhorrent individual.

Then I remembered, he ran The Office Formerly Known As The Inquisitionâ„¢, and had access to, and directed the collecting of, every secret of every member of the church. Every cardinal, every bishop, every father, friar and nun. Everything. He even had access to the secrets of his predecessors, and every bit of Vatican history, both public and private. And knowing the secrets of his enemies, he was able to blackmail them to voting for him.

I’m sure he and his cronies couched the blackmail in terms of “you’ll want to vote for him, as you couldn’t be elected, what with XX in your past, but he’s clean and safe from that” and look now, the truth comes out that he wasn’t, isn’t and most certainly won’t ever be. Yet he’s in charge.

Because the catholic church, at it’s core, is made up of power-mad cowards who couldn’t stand up to an evil and espouse the True Word of God. And so they, too, get the leader they deserve. Sad.






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