I love the smell of V.C. in the Morning!

Look, there is a lot of talk of what’s going on with the 24-hour Porn-to-Home Delivery System the internet, culminating, or perhaps a better term would be ‘obfuscating’ under the ubiquitous Web 2.0 moniker. In other words, everyone wants to know when we get to go back to 1998 and the Glory That t’Were, so that money can once more flow like sewage (into the streets) and Aeron chairs will be found inside everyone’s PollyWorld Happy Meal®†. † There is an option on the current Happy Meal® menu to get a HUMMER!! I guess the clown hired the dooce to spice up the menu. And I remember when you had to actually go to a bar to pick up men!

And there is only one way to make it all happen:

Your Web 2.$ (“two-dot-dough” for those already missing a few fries) Toolkit won’t be complete until you’ve got the Right Bullshit Statement to gum up the cognitive functions of those with money. Personally, I can’t wait!






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