I love the smell of technology in the morning afternoon!

It’s not like Apple hasn’t been doing a ton of stuff recently, what with releasing a new version of iTunes just over a month ago alongside the new iPod nano. Nor can they really be considered busy as they sold over a MILLION nanos in just over 17 days. I mean, come on, they should have been up to something more spectacular. And they were.

New iMacs are out. Ahem. Moving on.

The new iPod does video. Big shocker there, since music and photos were done, the only thing left is video. For those of you watching the whole Apple system, you might notice a few ‘core’ technologies – CoreImage, CoreAudio and CoreVideo – that are part and parcel of OS X. It’s like broadcasting stepping stones for other developments.

What’s interesting, at least according to John Gruber at Daring Fireball, is that the video is 320×240, which, for those of you counting pixels on old analog TVs, is about half the resolution (or for the math geeky, one-fourth the area) of what is broadcast free over the air. He wonders who would buy them. And I kinda do as well, although I have bought 2 episodes already, the Season Premier of Lost and the series premier of Night Stalker. Neither of which I’ve found time to watch in my real life, but having a copy I can watch while I’m ostensibly doing work, and can pause, rewind, etc. without having to deal with a TiVo menu (which sucks balls) or the PVR of whatever cable company you’re stuck using. And it’s merely two bucks! How can I pass that up when I don’t have to THINK!?! And so yeah, I don’t have any desire to get an entire season right now, although that is an option for anyone who wants it as well. And while half-resolution is low for most things, I’m not watching epic movies – yet! The more interesting thing is that it’s the same cost per episode even if it’s a 23 minute or 43 minute show. Next month, when they release iTunes 7.0 and include movies in full HD at decent downloads and for reasonable rates, well, there it is. And I know what I want for Christmas. (hint hint)







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  1. Lori Hamm Avatar
    Lori Hamm

    What are you watching the episodes you just bought on? Hope you’ve found a rich Santa – the old one is on a much tighter budget than previously.

  2. KevinMichael Hamm Avatar

    Watching them on my computer, as I lack the iPod that does video… but that’s fine, I sit in front of the computer working a ton so it’s not like watching a video here is out of the question.

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