How to Upset My Evening

Ok, so I went out to the clubs tonight, as I am wont to do, because, well, hey, it’s part of the job to be seen and to see people. In point of fact, tho, I just enjoy going out. After three years of living in Caribou, during which I was forced to drive into Canada to get to the nearest gay bar – nearest being only an hour away if the roads were clear, although one memorable drive involved well over four hours – and if I wanted to go to a club I had the option of Boston or Montreal, both of which were six to seven hours away, depending on traffic and speed traps.

Houston, however, has a thriving and pretty damn cool club/bar scene, and I have a good time 19 out of 20 times out. And usually the one in 20 that isn’t good still isn’t bad, it’s just not good. Tonight, however, was ruined, and I’m not happy about it. So let me tell you the story:

I got into the club, asked a friend if he wanted a beer, went to one of the bars where my usual bartender is normally stationed, only to find that he wasn’t there, and the guy there was a bit, well, slow. Like forever fucking slow. He looked at me several times while trying to figure something out, which was either the price of the shots he’d just made (three bull blasters, I believe… Jaegermeister and Red Bull, gah!) or was contemplating the location of Saddam’s missing WMD’s. Either way it was taking too damn long, and he was NOT being helpful. But I was being patient, I was the next in line and no one else was waiting on service. So after seven minutes, yes, I checked, he finally deigns to look my way and says “Let me help the lady” who had literally just walked up and beside me. FUCK THAT.

I’ve never, EVER been so insulted in my life. And let me be clear, had he said “do you mind if I help the lady first?” I would have graciously said yes. I’m not that big a prick. But to be dismissed after being ignored is beyond rude. I went to another bartender, someone who would 1) give me decent service and 2) appreciate the tip – as I do tip pretty damn well.

There is no excuse for rude service, ever. None. I’ve been a server, I’ve been a bartender, I’ve been a front desk clerk and I’ve been a computer help desk technician. There is never any cause to open up with a rude comment, and to dismiss a customer is a good way to have someone commenting about you for a good long time. To your boss. To your friends. To the internet.

You have been warned.






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