How to upset my afternoon! (UGH!)

What the hell is going on with Houston? It is normally such a nice town that it’s odd to find that I’ve now had two customer service issues in two days! Damn. This one involved a manager at a cafe going off about an employee that is consistently late. Fine, I don’t care, he wasn’t that loud about it and didn’t mention the employees name, and frankly, I didn’t know this guy was a manager until later on in the incident, I thought he was just bitching – which is unprofessional, but in a gay cafe, par for the course.

However, when that employee did finally show up (and yes, I know tardiness to work kills the day for everyone, it drives me nuts, too, so don’t think I’m all lovey-dovey with late workers) the manager lit into him like he’d just stolen Christmas – RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMERS. INCLUDING ME.

Now, again, I’m not normally one to care what happens in your business, but when you fight with an employee right in front of me, while I’m trying to get some work done and am a paying customer who uses the cafe regularly yet pays for it even more often than I use it, you can bet I’m going to speak up and tell you to take it somewhere else and be a professional. To then look at me and ask “is there something else you need to buy?” in a snotty tone will lead me to speak to the owners (which I will) and to everyone else on the planet about your unprofessionalism and disrespect.

You are not a star in Hollywood, fucktard, so grow up! (There is hidden meaning in that, btw.)

So I went out tonight, which was fun, meeting up with friends who wanted to see me and who, for some unknown reason don’t see me on the other 6 nights a week I’m out… and of course I discussed the Customer Service Nightmares I’ve been having. They all agreed with me. However, my best realization of the night came from when I pointed out that while I don’t like the fact that an employee is constantly late – because it used to ruin my day when it happened to be me that was directly affected by it – I can’t imagine anyone else being professional at all, which includes being on time, if the head honcho is so unprofessional as I outlined before. Really, that’s just logical, and wholly realistic.






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