It’s been a good long while with the previous design, but it couldn’t do some of the things that I really wanted to show, and was limited as I’d done the CSS/HTML for WordPress 1.8 (I think, it really has been that long).

So I’m changing a few things around here, and I’m going to adjust a bunch of the CSS as I’ve been tinkering around in the tools of the new Twenty-Eleven theme that ships with WordPress these days. It’s come a long way, but holy buckets of feathers, the CSS is a bit long and rather confusing. I’m hoping that it’s mostly because I’ve been doing video, and not because it’s a disastrous mess. I’ll be finding out tho.

In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to my new podcast PoliticktickBOOM as I think, if you’ve been enjoying my posts, you’re going to really enjoy the show.







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