Hillary and the Florida/Michigan Debacle

After twittering for a while about the apparent attempt by Hillary to make Florida and Michigan delegates count towards her campaign after the Democrats had stripped both states of having any voice at all because they caucused/primaried too soon, I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth.

At least, I hope that’s what that taste is. I won’t be happy to find out it was something I ate.

Anywho, the gist of the gig is, as my mom pointed, nothing new. If Hillary, who acted as if both states mattered (and they do, lest we not forget what Florida did with their various chad), wants to change the rules now so that the states actually have a voice, it’s because she won them.

How unfair to Obama is this? Well, I’m of two minds on this. One agrees with the Esteemed Red Sweater, in that changing the rules mid-race is a lot like Madam Mim becoming a purple dragon, as she had explicitely stated that there should be no mythological mumbo-jumbo like ‘pink dragons’. Hillary didn’t complain that taking away their voice in the first place was a bad idea, but it was, and still is, but she shouldn’t be able to change it.

Although, I think it incredibly stupid that Florida and Michigan are, either one, silenced because of a date change. I make no claims about the primary season, and in-party politics being nice or fair. They aren’t, nor will they ever be. Hell, the full-on election isn’t fair, either. But, when you take two states out, one of which is so big as to be a golden ticket for the actual candidates, you make several mistakes for your party.

If I were in Florida and my voice wasn’t heard for the candidate, I’d be pissed and vote for the other party. Just to prove how important my state is, really. And if you don’t think the birds on that peninsula won’t do just that, you’re high. Worse, add another fairly large state to the mix, especially one that is shackled by union employment like no other, and, at least for the Dem’s, it’s a bad thing all around.

Those states should have their voice. And Hillary, while not speaking out against the party leadership for their foolish ways at the beginning, did treat the states like they mattered. She really didn’t even win Michigan, but she did win Florida. She treated them like their vote, their voice, will make a difference in the actual election. And now, when she needs their voice to make it to the actual election, she’s using her own to call to them.

Late? Yep. Right or Wrong? Both. It’s not pretty. It’s covered in flaming bits of poisonous bullshit. It’s politics as usual, tho, even if you don’t want to believe it.






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