Hey DOJ, forget books, get back to TelCos.

For some time now I’ve been bothered by the apparent insanity that has gripped our society and made us do some intensely crazy things. Not the least of which is referenced in my last post about the TSA. But that’s not the only manifestation, and may be one of the less cray-cray at that.

A few months back, the Department of Justice sued several publishers and Apple, accusing them of price-fixing ebooks. Some publishers settled rather than deal with the fight, others are fighting, and Apple has fought back with some truly brilliant lawyering. I suggest you read some of those links, they are worth it.

The problem with this case is outlined very clearly by Senator Charles Schumer in the Wall Street Journal. (via Daring Fireball) There’s nothing more to add there. The case is wrongheaded and foolish, and if successful, gods forbid, would ruin the competitive landscape for digital publishing.

Regardless of where the DOJ goes with that, it’s missing a bigger problem. Let’s take a quick gander at a recent post about iPhone pricing over on Ben-Evens.com: (again, via Daring Fireball). Notice something interesting? See how those prices for the iPhone 4s at the various carriers in the U.S. are the same, but in the UK are not? What does that tell you?

It tells me that Eric Holder needs to get his thumb out of his ass because it’s cutting off the oxygen to his brain.






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