Reading about Penn State’s football program sex-abuse scandal, you have to wonder what these men were thinking. Yes, he was a hero, but he’s still just a man, and when they saw him, actually, totally saw him fucking a 10 year old boy, and did NOTHING?

We now have proof that shame is far more powerful than we believed. Shame at seeing something so horrible. At maybe reliving something that happened to them. At not stepping in and saving that child. At letting it go not just because “he’s a hero, a legend,” but because he was their hero.

The human condition is fascinating. Unfortunately, our misunderstanding has led to a culture where it’s better to cover this up than to let it out in the sunshine where the evil can’t spread.

If you really want to save the kids, you have to start by letting everyone be who they really are, in the full light of the sun, so you can separate the heroes from the hateful.






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