A Helena Win

You know, I’m not the biggest sports fan in the world. I barely know what’s going on when it comes to football even though I’ve produced well north of a hundred games. And several hundred more sports events when you count volleyball, basketball, soccer and even wrestling. I make sports on the web happen. Go figure.

Today was the Rocky Mountain Battlin’ Bears versus the Carroll College Fighting Saints, and the Saints won it by 2 points, and the entire game came down to the last two possessions and ultimately, the final play of the game. Carroll won with a field goal, and it was magnificent to watch.

I like all the teams in the Frontier, but Carroll is my first team, simply because I wouldn’t do what I do now if it weren’t for them. But I truly feel for the Bears, they played a massively impressive game, and at the end of the day, yes, they lost, but not before showing that they have what it takes to win. They never let up. They never backed down. They have a long bus ride home (although certainly not the longest) and I sincerely hope they aren’t too hard on themselves. They will be, tho. It’s a heartbreaker for them.

But that’s not the interesting thing that dragged me back to the blog for a quick post. Oh no, my friends, the interesting thing is that the coaches poll is Monday and that’s going to be a really cool thing to do. And I, who have a shit understanding of what is going on with football on the field, have gotten a good feel for how the coaches will vote. And people think I’m crazy, but I’ve been right more often then not, so I’m putting this out there for all to see.

Here’s the standings as they were coming into play today:

  1. Morningside (Iowa)
  2. Cumberlands (Ky.)
  3. Grand View (Iowa)
  4. Benedictine (Kan.)
  5. Carroll (Mont.)
  6. Baker (Kan.)
  7. Rocky Mountain (Mont.)
  8. Saint Francis (Ind.)
  9. Ottawa (Kan.)
  10. Missouri Valley
  11. St. Ambrose (Iowa)
  12. Faulkner (Ala.)
  13. Peru State (Neb.)
  14. Tabor (Kan.) & Georgetown (Ky.) (tie)
  15. Tabor (Kan.) & Georgetown (Ky.) (tie)
  16. Friends (Kan.)
  17. Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)
  18. Sterling (Kan.)
  19. Northwestern (Iowa)
  20. St. Francis (Ill.)
  21. Reinhardt (Ga.)
  22. Bacone (Okla.)
  23. Saint Xavier (Ill.)
  24. Robert Morris (Ill.)
  25. Southern Oregon

And the top five have been the top 5 for a couple of weeks. Not a lot of movement here. But #1 Morningside LOST to #19 Northwestern (Iowa). #4 Benedictine got absolutely shellacked  by #10 Missouri Valley. This should mean that Carroll rises to #3, without question. But what happens to Rocky, who were ranked at #7?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. Back in Week 4 of the season, which was the second poll of the year, the Saints also beat Rocky, and you’d think, naturally, that the team that loses will go down. But as I told Coach Van Diest and Bruce Parker during the filming of the Saints Wrap Up that week, I thought that Rocky might actually improve anyway. And they did, rising two ranks that week.

I think we might see a repeat of that. At least, I hope so. Today, someone had to come away with a loss, that’s the way the game works. But neither of these teams are week. And the coaches that vote know the schedule, and they basically said, with the rankings they’d put out before, that this week’s game was going to be a powerhouse showdown and the only game that actually had that was Rocky at Carroll. All the other claimants to “Game of the Week” failed to be anything but “Well, we like to play sometimes” games. Regardless, I challenge anyone from the other NAIA leagues to face the Frontier teams, even Dickinson and come away with anything but a spanking.

I’m going to go on record with the following: Carroll will rise to #3. Morningside will fall to #12. Benedictine will fall to #15. And just because I honestly believe there is an unwritten rule that Six Breakfast Beers must be enjoyed before voting, Rocky will rise to #6. We’ll find out on Monday.






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