HB 306 needs a Veto

Ok, so I don’t think I was clear enough in my last post on this issue, but here’s the thing. HB 306 removes the requirement that a Notary Public keep a journal of the notaries they’ve done. Why is this important?

Because in order to independently verify that a transaction has happened you need a receipt and the store needs a register. That’s how we audit everything for taxes, it’s how all transactions are done.

The notary journal, while a bit of a pain to have to do, is in place because shitty people figured out that if they forged a notary of something and the notary was dead, since there’s no requirement that a journal be kept, there is very little way to get caught.

And who were those fuckers? The big mortgage companies that are foreclosing on people left and right, even if those people didn’t do anything wrong.

So, Governor Schweitzer, we need you to step up, and even tho you hate the journal because, in your busy day, it is one more step, it’s a necessary one to save Montanans from the scum of the earth.

Before I close, I have a couple of things to make clear.

  1. No one brought testimony before either the house or senate committees on this that made a lick of sense, although they did come up with some creative excuses as to why they hate the journal. The best has to be “privacy concerns” when, as one would guess, all transactions that are notarized by a NOTARY PUBLIC are PUBLIC transactions. So yeah, big fail on the part of the people who brought this bill.
  2. The big supporters of this bill admitted they had coerced notaries to perjure themselves and notarize without having the person named in the document physically in-front of them. This wasn’t called out because no one had a chance to tell the rest of the committees because of how testimony was handled.
  3. My mother is the head of Notary Compliance for the Secretary of State, so while I have some bias in the issue because she supports it, you should know that I don’t support it because of her, I support it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s not the easy thing to do, it’s not the comfortable thing to do, and it’s not the popular thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do.
  4. This legislature has been so crazy that even bills like this that should be easy to understand were rushed through and forced on people because it’s not a glamorous subject, nor is it easily understandable unless you’ve done a lot of notarized business. The crazy at the #MTLeg was too much for even the good legislators to cut through, let alone the morons. So it’s not a surprise that normally bright people were bamboozled into thinking this was a good bill. It’s not.
  5. I know that Governor Brian Schweitzer hates the journal personally because it does take time to do notaries correctly. That’s the thing, tho, regardless of doing the journal, it takes time to legally do a notarization. The fact that they have to use the journal makes them do the notary legally correct, and our unfortunate past with fraud in this state is why we need this. Yes, it sucks, but it’s needed.
  6. So give Brian a call and let him know at 406-444-3111 that this bill should be branded. As should several of the sponsors of this bill.

And that’s my 2¢ for today. Well, that, and that Ken Peterson is still a fucking idiot.






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