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I’ve been an Small Business Owner for the last couple of years, and while it’s been a challenge to make a go of it, it’s also been a great learning experience. The biggest problem, for me, has been billing. It’s a pain in the ass, and as much as I hate sales, and I completely despise sales, billing is a close second when it comes to things that I despise about being a business owner.

The opposite end of the spectrum is that I can, and do, keep a bottle of decent scotch in my office for when needed.[*]

So yeah, billing sucks. And I hate having to track my time, but I do because if I don’t track my time, I don’t get paid, and then I go broke and life sucks. And I hate that more than billing or sales combined.

Enter Harvest, a really amazing app, that does so much right that I’m happy to use it and recommend it to everyone else. Track your time, bill your clients, track your billing, make estimates, and do just about everything else you can think of that you’ll need. And it’s not just for small businesses or individuals, it’s also quite good for large organizations as well. It’s completely scalable and quite good.

But there’s one thing missing, and it’s a huge opportunity for Harvest to do.

Here’s my free idea for the team at Harvest – open the Harvest Market.

I believe, quite firmly, that people using good tools tend to have good taste and show they think about what they use and why they use it, and those people are the ones that I want to work with. I can’t do everything for my clients, but I can do quite a bit. However, I’d like to find more people who think about their tools and do the right thing, and knowing they’ve taken the time to use a tool like Harvest is a good step in that direction.

Here’s what I think the Harvest Market could be:

  • A place to showcase your skills and abilities. It would be a great opportunity to find professionals in your area that do good work and work with great tools.
  • An easy way to cross-bill and pay for work. I know that one of the biggest things I want from Harvest is the ability to “join a team” that’s also using Harvest, have a project show up in my projects list, and be able to just work the time and know that it’s automatically being shown up in the budgeting and billing cycle of that other company, because my company has joined their team.
  • A simple way to keep complex business relationships in order.
I don’t think that this would be an easy extension of what they do at Harvest, but I do know that it will be huge. It’s the next step that any billing process has to make in this day and age. Harvest has made time-tracking and billing super simple and kinda fun to do. Now they need to make cross-company collaboration as easy, and in doing so, give us another great reason to stay with the company.
So as the snow falls, I’m hoping that my Harvest Market will be an idea they pick up and run with soon.






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