Going, Going, Gonzo!

There’s just something wrong when the Legislature can’t do it’s job. It has but on mandated job – pass a balanced budget. It’s one fucking thing, folks, and all of us do this in our lives every day.

No, I’m not kidding. EVERY. DAY.

Some of us are bad at it, some of us are good at it, and most of us just do it and do ok. So how hard can it be for these fools to figure it out?

So hard that they needed another break. ANOTHER FUCKING BREAK.

There’s nothing nice to say about them anymore. I like some of them as people, and see great things from many individuals, but as a body, the current Montana Legislature is a disgrace. A shame. A sham. A joke.

You have one job. ONE. If you can’t accomplish that job in the course of time allotted, you should be fired.

I expect every single voter in the state of Montana to remember; if you acted the same way these whinging, insufferable, infantile maniacs have acted, you would be fired, too. So fire them. It’s what responsible citizens do.






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