Go West Young Man!

There’s lots of news going on, at least in my world. And let’s face it, it’s all about me, always has been, always will be. Um, yeah… right. Anyway.

So let’s get right into, it shall we?

I am no longer employed by ATX. As some of you will remember, back in January of 2002, I agreed to join ATX and move to Caribou, Maine to become a copywriter for the tax software company. I thought I would be in Maine for 6 months, no biggie, and then I’d head back to civilization.

So three years pass…

And now, after working in Marketing, Documentation and Design, Strategic Services, and some odd-ball work for just about every other department, ATX and I realize that my core duties, the videos, aren’t necessary. And they can’t justify the expense, and frankly, I can’t justify Northern Maine.

And really, who could justify Northern Maine? Anyone? No.

But they gave me all the studio equipment, so I’m really quite well set, thanks, and so, I’m moving to Houston. On Monday.

“Why Houston?!?” I hear some of you scream. Well, because it’s a city I haven’t lived in, a city that Janna, a best friend I’ve known since I was 8, lives in, and, well, IT’S A CITY! A REAL CITY! HALLELUJAH!

Now I know, there are many other places I could go, and there are many other places that I will visit soon, and hopefully get to live in at some point. But for now, this seems like the right thing to do, the right direction to go, and frankly, the Universe seems to be guiding me there.

So, while I don’t have the specifics quite finalized yet, I will be living with Janna at her superfab new house, which is simply lovely, and I will be moving on Monday, and should be there sometime on Wednesday or Thursday. And I’ve got a ton of stuff. That’s all there is to know now.






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  1. Kevin Levesque Avatar
    Kevin Levesque

    Well, it had to be said from someone at ATX, but I personally am sorry to see you leave and wish things were different, but it’s tought to fault someone for wanting to better their opportunities in life. I appreciate having had the chance to get to know you during your short stay in Northern Maine, and you will be missed by all. I wish you the absolute best and I know you will find it because that’s the kind of person that you are. I hope that you will keep in touch.

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