From Russia, with loathing

So Vladimir Putin, or, as those of us who’ve spent any meaningful time with him like to call him, Vlaput has decided that the gays are to be vilified.

(Just go read that link, it’s great and it’s by Harvey. But I repeat myself.)

This is so wrong on so many levels, and it’s on a level that even idiots like Scott Lively should be worried.

Why? Why should a homophobe like Lively worry about Vlaput’s current madness? Because at some point Vlaput is going to find a reason to go after other groups, and while Scott would be shocked to find out that Vlaput would choose to target idiots with shitty beards next, you can bet it’s just as rational as the current target.

That’s the problem with vilifying any minority group. And yes, the LGBT community is always going to be a minority, that’s fine. We are never going to rise up and rule the world, no matter the glitter-covered nightmares of douchebags like Scott Lively, or his BFF Tony Perkins. We would like to rule, because we think we can make the world a better place.

Imagine a world where you’re not threatened with death simply because of who you love. Or a world where walking home wasn’t  a “take your life into your own hands” kind of adventure. Just imagine!

I find that kind of dream pretty amazing, but they call it a nightmare.

Anyway, Russia has declared the LGBT citizens of the world, not just of their own country, but of THE WORLD, to be less than, and should be punished simply for the crime of being.

This cannot stand.

It is a declaration of war, and no, I’m not being hyperbolic in saying that. If you have read your history, you already know this, but just in case you slept thru your classes, let me review how it works;

  1. Vilify a minority that is large enough to be visible, but small enough to be managed.
  2. Change the laws so that they, their being, is illegal.
  3. Arrest and torture them under the guise of “improving the public”.
  4. Murder them, because incarceration is expensive.
  5. Move on to a slightly larger group – maybe one outside your country. Like, say, the Polish.
  6. World War.

Sound fucking familiar? Oh, good. At least you’re paying attention. Now let’s nip this bullshit in the bud.

Tell the IOC to move the 2014 Winter Olympics away from a country that would imprison several olympians for merely being themselves.

Tell your city to end Sister City Agreements with any Russian cities. No reason to support them when they are endangering so many for no other reason than hate.

Don’t buy things from Russia. Mostly, this means vodka, some think, but if you’re thinking that means no more Stolichnaya you might want to refer to this bit of information from the Ever Informed Jamee Greer:

So, if you’re boycotting Stolichnaya Vodka because you’re angry at how Russia is treating queer folks you probably should know it’s currently owned by Germans, manufactured and bottled in Latvia, and distributed in the United States by a Scottish company called William Grant & Sons. — Jamee Greer

Currently, these are the vodka brands actually produced in Russia:

  • Dovgan
  • Gold Symphony
  • Standart
  • Hrenovuha
  • Kauffman
  • Kubanskaya
  • Moskovskaya
  • Narodnaya
  • Pyatizvyozdnaya
  • Putinka
  • Rodnik
  • Ruskova
  • Russian Standard
  • Shustov
  • Starka
  • Stolnaya
  • Youri Dolgoruki

So yeah, boycotts are great and all, and I’m still not going to see Ender’s Game because of what Orson Scott Card has said and done against my community, but boycotting Stoli seems to miss the point.

Let’s be educated, and let’s get our allies on board with the big things. The olympics represent a huge amount of money for Russia, especially as they have already built the buildings and are close enough to being done that if the IOC cancels on them right now, they lose BIG.

And that’s exactly what should happen. Let’s make it so, then we can tell Vlaput “до свидания, мудак”.

UPDATE: If you don’t believe me, maybe check out these pics on Buzzfeed.






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