From a certain point of view…

Ah, the entire world has lost it’s shit over the Leopard delay and Apple’s deflection of blame. Personally, I think it’s all a tempest in a teacup, but then I have work to do for most days. Daniel Jalkut’s concerns, while certainly legit, miss a few points, as I pointed out in my comments, which you can read here.

But I’ll reiterate them for you here, as I find it fascinating that people are overlooking the basics truth that all these wonderful Apple products are finally going to be fruits of the same software tree. That’s brilliant!

The AppleTV brought a new set of tools to the OS, requiring the same level of care that we always expect from Apple. The iPhone brings an even more impressive set of new features and abilities, not the least of which is Multi-touch input, as well as a third type of chip – we have Intel/x86, IBM/PowerPC and now we have ARM. The last time Apple added the ability to run OS X on a new chip, it was a year long dev process that impacted everyone. This only impacts the internal team, as it’s closed from outside development, but why would you think it would impact that same team less?

Developing Multi-touch on top of OS X means that touchscreens for certain apps, especially drawing and editing film (trust me on this, it’s a dream of mine) would be soon supported with Apple built displays. That’d be brilliant!

So who cares that it’s 4 months late? At this point, everyone is just whining because they want a new toy now. Sorry, I don’t care. I want my tools to work, work right, and if they do have a bug, it’s because of something that couldn’t be accounted for, not because they didn’t have the time to test it. That’s why I own Macs in the first place.






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