As some of you may know, in the last few years I’ve developed a rather odd fondness for football – especially college football. I still love my Broncos, but that’s genetic. On any given Sunday you can find my mother screaming at a TV telling players and coaches decked out in Orange and Blue just exactly what they are doing wrong. And boy, they should listen. Mom knows football.

Anyway, for me, it’s more about the local teams, which is weird since, even tho I’m built like the defensive line, I’ve never played. Never really cared to. I kinda wish I had, until I see the hits they take, and then realize that having a cold brew whilst enjoying the game is probably about the right speed for me. And boy will I be enjoying some games!

This Labor Day Weekend, the Carroll College Fighting Saints will be traveling to Portland, Oregon, to take on the Vikings of Portland State University. (Full disclosure: I studied music for a short while at PSU. I didn’t even know we had a football team. Shocker, I know.) It’s a great chance for an amazing team from the Frontier to show their stuff to a Division I FCS team. An NAIA team from the real Big Sky is facing off with a very competitive member of the NCAA Big Sky Conference. It’s going to be awesome. You should totally go.

And you can! How’s about this for awesome!

Join the Saints As They Take On Portland State University!

For a mere $250.00 (based on double occupancy) you’ll be on the Saints’ Bus to Portland, have two nights at the Red Lion Hotel, tickets to the game, a Saints Tailgate party, and you won’t have to drive back, either. The bus leaves Friday August 31st from the Carroll College PE Center at 8am, and returns Sunday, leaving Portland at 9 am from the hotel, giving you all of Labor Day Monday to recover from the absolutely awesome time you’re going to have at the game!

For more information please contact Jennifer Bingham at 406-447-4480, or fill in the info below and an email will be sent to her.

UPDATE: The bus is full.

It’s going to be an amazing game, and a great weekend. Portland is generally beautiful, and Labor Day is usually awesome. And this is relatively inexpensive. Gas prices aren’t going down, so driving there yourself is going to cost a lot more. And if you feel you need a car, you can always join Car2Go, so you’ll have one handy without taking your own!

See you at the game!






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