Football is here!

And, as with all amazingly fun things, there are some parts that drive me a tad batty. They have nothing to do with the actual game, tho, they just happen to coincide with them. Because I produce webcast games for several schools, and there’s always the potential for things to go wrong. And we’ve got some amazing people who do great work getting these games up for people to see. You can see most of them online at Game of the Week.

The one thing that makes it crazy is that we’re beholden to random things that are so far out of our control that it’s not even maddening, they just make you kinda giggle and pretend it’s not happening. Today was that. We had an internet issue that required about 45 minutes of the game to fix, and, of course, Carroll got a touchdown right off the bat and we didn’t get to see it. Ugh.

We did get online shortly thereafter, tho, and the game looked great. Peaking at nearly six-hundred viewers at one point, this Friday night game had a great audience and it was pretty fun to watch. After I got over the heart-attack-inducing issues at the beginning.

Welcome to Football Season. Pass the mylanta, please.






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