Finally, a new look

It’s been a while, and the site needed a new look. It’s needed a new look for many moons, but as my time was fleeting and there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the old look, it’s not something I bothered to change.

The Department of Homeland Security notwithstanding, it’s better safe than sorry. So, a newer, more advanced and less crackable version of WordPress was released and I decided to update my site.

And it broke the look of it! Curses!

So I finally got around to making the artwork and color changes to the documents that control such things, and now it’s all better. And it’s a refreshment of the old look, rather than something completely new.

the fuzzed lookAnd no, you are NOT losing your mind, there was another look that manifested over the weekend, and while it was fun, it was not the sort of look that, after spending any time actually looking at it, that I could stand. However, it was pretty and was fun to make. And it’s good practice for what I’ve got to do next for work.







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