Fierce, indeed!

I can’t say this is something I would write, because donating to a political party would require one of them to actually be worthwhile, but for those of you who think the DNC is going to make all our gay dreams come true, you might want to read this:

Dear DNC

I truly “support” Democrats being elected in 2010 and 2012. I am a “fierce advocate” of the Democratic Party after all. I know that I have promised you my support over the past few decades and have done my best to follow through.

Even now I am “working towards” a financial donation to the Party. I do have to ask for your “patience” though, because as a gay man, my family and I are still second class citizens and are having to funnel our resources towards causes that protect and honor our basic civil rights. “We have a lot on our plate.”

We are “proceeding” towards lifting the denial of funds to the DNC and are “developing a strategy” that will get us there by the end of Obama’s time at the White House. As a matter of fact, my family has planned several “meetings” to discuss these very important donations and will be sending out a press release shortly to announce our “cocktail party” celebrating Democracy.

Thanks for understanding. And hang in there!



(via JoeMyGod, originally from Salon)






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  1. Mom Avatar

    Ah – another disappointed group of kool-aid drinkers. What is more of a shock to me is that so many constituencies are just now figuring out that Baracko Bama was shinning them on and really doesn’t have any intention of following through on his campaign promises. But that’s ok – he’ll be back with all those warm fuzzy promises again in 2012. The question is – will everybody still be gullible?

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