Drive On

I have a whole slew of webcomics that I read pretty religiously, and while some seem to die, like kukuburi, and others sadly end *cough* starslip *cough* others pop up to replace them. Occasionally.

I’m a huge fan of Sheldon. So much so that when I first found it I spent a good week going back through the archives and reading the whole thing. This has pretty much been my M.O. with comic strips since I was a child. I was eight (I think) when I first discovered Bloom County, and I immediately spent all my cash on buying every book I could find. So yeah, I’m a nerd.

I guess it’s been a couple of years since Sheldon’s author, Dave Kellett, launched Drive, but given that he’s been off doing the final edits on his documentary about comic artists – STRIPPED – Drive has fallen to the back-burner for a bit. (Full disclosure: I helped fund the STRIPPED kickstarter.)

But today, OH GLORIOUS FRIDAY OF FRIDAYS, WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED! (I may have had a martini at lunch.)

Aside from that, today presented a new update of Drive. I recommend you read Drive from the beginning, and if you don’t hear a Russian accent in your own head, then you’re doing it wrong. (Thanks to Dave for allowing me to post a piece of his awesome art, which you should totally click and GO READ AND ENJOY!)






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