Douchebag-o-rama, Part II

Another stupid twat has made the news so welcome to Part II of Douchebag-o-rama.

It seems that Perez Hilton called someone a ‘faggot’ and that someone, or someone nearby, responded by punching him in the face. This was at the MuchMusic Award show, sometime after the broadcast, and if anyone is finding his behavior surprising, you’ve been living under a rock.

Oh, but it gets better. You see, then PH decided that he was the victim. Never mind that PH opened fire, chose his words (by his own admission, which you can read via his doucebagged twitter stream) to inflict the maximum hurt on his target.

Then, in an act which I can only describe as delicious, delightful and oh-so-deserving, someone punched the douchebag. Right in his face. Only once, which is terribly sad, but it’s better than nothing.

Some of you out there think physical violence is never the answer. That’s fine. You’re wrong, but that’s fine. Defending yourself from an attack is a perfectly natural thing to do, and in fact, has been codified into law in most of the world.

I would point out the nursery rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is a fucking lie. Just like “happily ever after” and “fierce advocate” are lies. Words matter. Words have power over thinking, as they are root tools to express thoughts. Words are how we connect with one another. Words, more than anything else in the world, matter. And they can and do hurt. And a violent act begets a violent act.

So when some douchebag who doesn’t like being left out (where he should be) fires off an attack at someone else, it’s a call to arms. A challenge to a duel, and apparently PH never watched Bugs Bunny. So, PH, here’s how it works: if you slap someone with the ‘faggot’ label, don’t be surprise when they pick up a glove, fill it with fist, and smack you back. You’re the douchebag who brought a knife to a gunfight. You lost. **cry**

Now if you could just crawl under a rock and go away, life would be much happier.






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