Dicks and Smoking

It’s 2011, and for fuck’s sake, we all know that smoking cigarettes, and chewing tobacco, are at the very least unhealthy. Given what the Big Tobacco Co.’s stuff in to make it more addicting, it’s downright toxic. And deadly. And the deaths are ugly. And that ugly looks like this:

Lung cancer: (which I typooed as “lunch cancer” while writing this, but that’s another story)

Mouth cancer:

Birth defects:

Whoops, that’s not a birth defect, that’s a congenital heart-can’t-fucking-be-found defect. Here’s the birth defect:

Yeah, I totally could have warned you that the pictures were graphic, but let’s face it: until you fucking see what it does, you don’t know, can’t imagine, and not one of you could have drawn what these pictures show even if I described it to you in gory detail. The pictures are, especially of that child, horrible.

So in 2009 the FDA started up a new plan to make the Big Tobacco companies show their customers what could happen to them if they keep smoking. This is the equivalent of the “Blood on the Highway” movies we all had to watch before getting our drivers licenses. In some ways, it’s also the equivalent of the “Duck and Cover” movies about nuclear war in the 1950s.

Apparently, tho, forcing the evil cunts at Big Tobacco to put these pics on the side of pack of cigs is somehow “forced speech” and now violates their rights? According to U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon.

The Court concludes that plaintiffs have demonstrated a substantial likelihood that they will prevail on the merits of their position that these mandatory graphic images unconstitutionally compel speech, and that they will suffer irreparable harm absent injunctive relief pending a judicial review of the constitutionality of the FDA’s rule…

It’s not like we require the cigarette companies to include a little voice player like the Hallmark cards with Alec Mapa saying “Yep, you can still have this, but it could fuck up your baby. Go for it, girl!” it’s just a fucking picture of actual results, and your results may vary.

I’ve worked with the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program for years, and I personally HATE cigarettes, and thinking chewing tobacco is one step off shooting meth. To say I’m not a fan is understatement.

I have friends who think that cigarettes and other tobacco products should be banned outright, but I don’t think that’s the way to go either. If you want to smoke, fine, that’s your choice. Don’t do it by me, thank you, and know what you’re getting into. These pictures would help in that education. The idea is to stop people before they start, because once hooked, you’re fucked for a good long time.

Ask anyone who has managed to quit smoking how hard it was.

And since we can’t force people to see these images when they buy cigarettes, because it would hurt the tobacco companies (who deserve to be hurt, but that’s another rant as well) I suggest you bookmark this post and tweet it to your friends who smoke. They’ll see that baby. And they’ll see Dick Cheney. Both should be more than enough to scare them into calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW immediately.






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