Coming to your digital Rescue!

I’ve been working in a new system (new to me) called Django lately, and it’s been really incredible. As much as I really do like WordPress, which is what has finagled the illustrious HammOnWry since it’s inception, I just can’t get a good handle on the system. That’s very bothersome to me since I can and do have a handle on just about anything I try — so long as it’s not got glaringly obvious problems with itself. However, I’ve never just really never felt “damn, I gotta make something from this!”, but then again, I never felt the need to feel that either.


Then comes Jeff Croft and his yammering about this “framework” for “perfectionists with deadlines” which, while not a hyper-perfectionist, I tend that way, and I’ve always got deadlines. So I read his article, I checked out the documentation, and something clicked.

My heels.

Three times.

Something about the syntax of the writing, the minds behind the code, and the just down-home, up-front, honest-t’goodness-ty of the Django Community pushed it all over the edge and I did something I’d not done since High School.

Computed on a 486. (Yes, in 1988 we had several Top-Of-The-Line machines that required us to PARK THE DRIVES TO SHUT THEM DOWN. Way to build that software, Billy.)

Aside from that, I fired up the Terminal in my lovely PowerBook and started to see what I could see. I’m not that big on the Terminal, and in fact, would rather use just about anything in the world other than it, but oh well. That’s not the gig.

Truth be told, Django has allowed me to design some really cool features for the new site for my company. It’s really amazing what this system can do, and how screamingly fast it is. I mean, really, how awesome is a system when it’s faster creating the pages of information it serves up on-the-fly than it is when it makes the pages as needed but then cache’s them for later service. That’s a car that goes faster when the engine is in neutral than in drive. It’s possible, but while the car can have gravity help it along, gravity isn’t gonna do squat for DJango.

However, Jeff and several others in the community, all of whom have been so generous to all of us semi-geeky-somewhat-wannabe newbies, that it’s time to give them something back – a title.

Ladies and Gentlemen, can we all agree on this: Jeff Croft is now officially a Django Knight. Adrian Holovaty is, of course, a Django Master. I, however, might one day be a Potted-wan’ Learner, but I doubt it. I can kill any plant with my black thumb, just ask The Cheerleader.

And yes, it’s a blantant rip from Star Wars, but it fits. Plus, it gives a nice tagline – “May the dJazz be with you!”

(oh yes, i’m a geek.)

(*several of my close friends from both Maine and Texas will get this. If you don’t, perhaps you should watch more crappy movies.)






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