Choices and Statistics

Of course, you certainly have the option to tell me that I’m losing my mind, but frankly, that’s not the point. I feel that Bob Brown should be governor of Montana, not because I’m having some sort of “return to my youth” mental lapse making me into the Repblican my mother always wanted, but instead, it’s because Bob is actually a Republican I can stand. B.S. is a Democrat I cannot stand. This all boils down to the differences in the Republican party, where you have Conservatives and their wacko cousins, the Fundamentalists. Bush is a Fundamentalist. Bob is a Conservative. I know, they are hard to distinguish, so I’m going to have to write about that very fine line later.

This, however, is more about me making an ad. The maternal unit gave me some interesting documentation that was from one of the Universities in Montana. It showed that growth in Montana has fallen when the Democrats were in charge. Why? Because the Dems made bad decisions. I don’t think they are bad people, but I also don’t think they can run a business, and folks, get it through your heads, government is business.

*The videos that were here are gone. I will repost them at a later date*

I’ve got some thoughts on the whole political campaign mentality as well, but start here and if you want to know the whys and wherefores of these ads, you can find out more by going here first and then going here.

And, same as before, if you have ideas for new ads, you can send them to me via email , and I will certainly credit you in the video, if it gets made. Less than a week, after all.

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