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  • Better Connections

    As most of you know I joined the team at TSI&T about a year ago as the Chief Marketing Officer and I’m also one of the owners of the company now. I’m super excited about what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it, and, after this rather short post, I’m hoping you will be, too. […]

  • But it warrants further exploration.

    Yes, it does. After laying out the basic tenet that the movement toward equality has been hijacked by the current batch of SJW’s, Aristotelis Orginos believes he has found the problem, and the problem is …feminism? Or perhaps just those who call themselves feminist? His article isn’t quite clear, but it starts out unpromising and […]

  • Benefits Corp – A Status for Our Future

    Today I had the opportunity to give testimony in support of Benefit Corporations at the Montana Legislature’s House Committee on Business & Industry. HB 258 is the bill, and the amazing Representative Kathleen Williams is the primary sponsor for this legislation, which was attempted in the 2013 session but didn’t pass as time ran short […]

  • Visa Will Not Suffer Fools

    Gruber was right to focus on this quote: “I don’t know that it will, and I don’t care. As long as Visa suffers.” There’s something that these Cabal-MXC companies need to figure out really quickly, because, just like Apple with every version of iTunes, Visa has Terms of Service that these merchants agree to, and […]

  • Mysterious Other

    Many people have had problems updating their iOS device to iOS 8 because they don’t have enough space. The weird thing is that many of us have plenty of space, except there’s a mysterious padding of yellow marked “Other” that is, well, unknown. This has been going on for quite a while, and after some […]

  • Going bald

    No, I’m not suffering like several of my cousins, but will instead be voluntarily shedding my locks for the unmitigated joy of playing Uncle Fester in Grandstreet Theatre’s upcoming production of Addams’ Family Musical. I hope you will come see it! Post by Grandstreet Theatre.

  • Oh Rick, you’ve missed again

    From Rick Hill on Facebook: One of my liberal Facebook friends asked the other day what it is that conservatives are trying to “conserve?” The answer is that conservatives are seeking to conserve traditional views about faith and family. We seek to conserve property rights including the right to benefit from one’s labor. We seek […]

  • I’m not letting it go.

    Our government is by us, for us, and we willingly pass it off as ‘just another annoyance’. To be forgotten. To just fucking let it go. Well, I’m not letting it go. I’m not letting the naysayers and evildoers of the world continue to abuse and destroy our country. I’m not going to let the […]

  • As if you needed another reason to chuck Charter


  • On Insults and Travesties

    Oh, I actually have met jhwygirl and like her, but I disagree with her thoughts and her premise on this. It’s not that she can’t have her opinion, trust me, I’d much rather have her opinion than not, she’s extremely sharp, and I read her article because it touches on a thought I’d had before. First […]

  • Comcastic Indeed

    So let me translate this memo from Comcast COO Dave Watson: “A Message From Dave Watson, July 21, 2014 You probably know that there has been a fair amount of media attention about a recording of a phone call between one of our Customer Account Executives (CAEs) and a Comcast customer. The call went viral […]

  • What it says about us

    I’m sure many of you have heard that Jonah Hill first lost his damn mind and called some paparazzi “faggots” and told them to suck his cock. Or something. I haven’t watched the video because I refuse to support the business of TMZ and others like them, hateful cunts that they are. I’m not even […]

  • Les Misérables MiniDoc

    If you didn’t know, I’m playing the role of Thenardier in Grandstreet Theatre’s production of Les Misérables, which opens on April 25th. I’m stupidly excited for it, and other than I’ve been dealing with a cough that can only be described as THE PLAGUE FROM HELL, it’s been an amazing few weeks. If you’ve never […]

  • We have to start somewhere

    I’m beginning to think that we’ve past impatient and have gone to full-on insane-and-wishful-thinking when it comes to progress we’ve made in the fight for full GLBT equality. There are a lot of people out there who are pissed at Jared Leto for giving an Oscar-winning performance of a trans-woman. They are screaming the same […]

  • Intent and Cowardice, Part II

    I’ve covered this before, but I guess I didn’t go far enough because another part of the discussion has come up. First, read this. Got it? Great. The term "Pocket Gay" is so demeaning and offensive to me. A short man's defining quality is his ability to fit into YOUR pocket? How mean. — phil […]