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  • Take This Test

    Look, I failed it the first time, and let’s be fair, it’s not, but it’s more like life than you know. Watch the video, let me know how you do. (via Slog)


    If you thought that A&F were over the line with their catalogs, you are so going to hate this. So totally, amazingly, wonderful. And I really want the shirt.

  • Studio 54 at Rich’s

    Perhaps the best part of the night was seeing so many people having such a great time because the music rocked, the dance floor was packed, the people were crazy brilliant and the night was a HUGE FUCKING PARTY! I don’t always know what it takes to get people out to the club, which is […]

  • You’re unique… just like everyone else!

    Ok, so politics being what it is, let’s forget for a moment that every single politician has to work the same tired lines, the same tired conferences, speeches, dinners, fund-raisers, blue-haired broads and every other possible cliché of the season, and what do you have? Good question! You see, when elections happen, they aren’t discreet. […]

  • Dead to me

    Ok, I’m sick. I’m laying in bed, head pulsing in time with the aftershocks of the East African Earthquake wondering why it is that I don’t get sick often, but when I do, it shuts down my world for a while in ways that are, well, painful. Hateful. And then, because I got up to […]

  • Pride and RED

    So I spent the weekend in Phoenix doing the Pride festival and launching Red Nightlife which was a blast. I happen to think that the launch of this new magazine is going to really change the landscape of the gay nightlife mags that have, honestly, sucked ass. And not in the pleasant warm way. But […]

  • The Aviator

    It’s late as most people reckon things, but I have to post this. I just saw The Aviator. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I’m a pretty big fan of aviation anyway, and I know a lot of it’s history, but Howard Hughes was so critical to how we see aviation today, it cannot be overstated. Yes, the […]