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  • Link to the Obits

    Everyone has been sending emails and wanting to know where the obituaries are, and I’ve not got the patience or time to respond to everyone individually. So here’s Rob Loder’s and then here is Richard Flick’s.

  • Robbed of Rob

    Ah, I probably shouldn’t be clever with the title, but he would have enjoyed it as he was just as clever, and just as likely to say something funny, brilliant, profound or warm. I guess that’s the best way to remember Robinson Loder, a good friend to everyone he met. I worked with Rob on […]

  • Welcoming back a SupahStar!

    Oh happy day! It’s been a while, and frankly, it’s about damn time – Johnny A Go Go has been resurrected!! One of the best blogs out there, with it’s insite and flair, wit, wisdom and wonder, J.Go covers his own life in a free and fun way, even when he’s talking about depressing things […]

  • Power to the People

    Sometimes we forget that the smallest states have a rather large power-base that is not compromised by the largest populations that are scattered around the country. Currently, I live in a frickin’ city that is nearly 8 times the population of the State of Maine, where I used to live. My current NEIGHBORHOOD in the […]