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  • To Kick or Not to Kick

    As many of you know, I’ve been writing a book, and it’s going quite well: At 4pm started writing the next bit of my book. Finished over 8k today and passed 30,000 words. The book goes on! — kev~! (@kevhamm) July 14, 2013 But it’s now at the point where it’s eating into my brain […]

  • Saintly, I Say

    You might be interested to know that I’ve once again been working with the Carroll College Fighting Saints Athletics on the Saints Wrap-Up show, and on the state-wide broadcasts of their playoff games. I love it! I’ve never been athletic, nor do I always understand what is going on with every call, but it’s fun […]

  • Just fucking stop!

    Oh, my head. I’ve read this posting twice, and looked into it enough that I had to reread it another three times, thus reaching a fifth, but one that lacked liquor. Fuck. Me. Sideways. There is so much that’s wrong with the current level of disturbing language/signage/garbage surrounding our politics that I’m beyond flabbergasted. I’m […]

  • Now this is Truly Funny!

    (via Joe.My.God.)

  • Family Feud isn’t a Game

    My sister just got married. It was a lovely wedding – the bride radiant, the groom nervous. The groom’s parents beaming. The bride’s mother cried as her daughter pledged to love, honor, and cherish ’til death do them part. A year ago, I never would have imagined how things would play out. This has been […]

  • Yes, it’s Not-Safe-For-Work Day here at H.O.W.

    Oh good lord, I know that Rugby players are all dangerous heathens without a scrap of decency, but I was hoping to keep that secret from my mother so that I could at least shag a few of them! Check out the insanity courtesy of Dan Savage: Oh yes, me likey!

  • Honda does the Right Thing

    It’s been a stressful week. It’s the 2nd anniversary of Richard’s death, and it’s the first time that I’ve been able to spend it with Janna basically attached to her hip. During the first year of grieving she couldn’t handle being around me too much as she would attempt to convince herself it was 2005 […]

  • Take This Test

    Look, I failed it the first time, and let’s be fair, it’s not, but it’s more like life than you know. Watch the video, let me know how you do. (via Slog)

  • Politic-tick-boom Montana

    Yep, just when it seemed that we could finally have a news report that wouldn’t include the phrase “latest poll results” we hear that the twits who thought that Ron Paul was a good idea have, now that McCain has the nomination, lost their shit. And no, it’s not funny. These people are off kilter […]

  • The pot calling the kettle crazy

    So, I was reading the latest gem over at JMG, which is about this insanity, and figured that I had to point this bit out: …whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains and seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives… Fundamentalists, be they Christian, Muslim […]

  • Leaks of Other News

    Wow, talk about an Activist Judge. I don’t know all the details, but I got the basics. And now, I have them to share with you. was set up to expose the wrongs of the world that fools have documented. This would be the Web2.0 version of the parking garage where Post reporters Bob […]

  • Winnings And Losers

    Ok, so the Montana Democrats had a contest. I, along with another creative gentleman, won. We each got $50.00, which is a nice round of drinks that I fully intend to have tonight. And while bragging about winning is always fun, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. You see, not only does […]

  • You don’t say.

    The oral arguments are over so the Supreme Court is currently deciding the fate of the Bong Hits 4 Jesus case. Regardless of the outcome, we are left with the comforting fact that, once again, the system has proven itself too willing to step into a case. Or, as is my current thinking on public […]

  • And now the fun begins!

    Does anyone else think that The Washington Madam’s case is going to ruin more than a few of the careers of inner-beltway boys? Pretty much a no-brainer. But think about it for a moment – with a list that numbers around 15,000 clients, is it too much to think that just a few, like say […]

  • Actual bit of a conversation

    “When was the last time you saw your boyfriend?” “In person?” “No, through the scope of your rifle.”