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  • On My Own

    It’s been a week, and I finally have a real bed, although I still haven’t managed a way to make my laundry into something less than a disaster, although it has not reached a FEMA yet. What’s odd is how often I hear something, be it a creaking step or a car driving past, that […]

  • A thousand points of courage

    I remember once talking with my mom about history. Because, well, it was an odd-numbered grade and so I was failing the final quarter of the history/social science course that was required of all students. This began in the 5th grade, resulting in not only having to redo the project that I had neglected into […]

  • A year and a day.

    It’s been 366 days since I moved to Houston, and I’ve learned a few things: Making new friends and growing old friendships are two different skills. You need both. The best moments yet to come cannot make up for missing the past. Live for the now. Everyone loves and hates, and you can’t always be […]

  • Because my Mother made me do it!

    Well, here it is, January 18th, and lo-and-behold, I’ve not written anything since last year. I’m almost surprised that I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut that long, but then I realize that the only reason I’ve been non-blogging is that I’ve been busy opening said orifice for the edification of countless morons who surround […]

  • Friends and Family

    There are many times in your life when, regardless of where you are and where your blood relatives might be, you find yourself surrounded by family. The more often you move away from a group of friends, further distancing yourself from family in the process, the more often you have the chance of experiencing this […]

  • Welcoming back a SupahStar!

    Oh happy day! It’s been a while, and frankly, it’s about damn time – Johnny A Go Go has been resurrected!! One of the best blogs out there, with it’s insite and flair, wit, wisdom and wonder, J.Go covers his own life in a free and fun way, even when he’s talking about depressing things […]

  • An Amazing Night for the Fund Raisers

    This is going to be short because it’s five in the damn morning and I’m just now getting in and getting this all in place. The Cheerleader and I went to the Houston Black Tie Dinner last night and had a blast. This was by far the best night of the year, and I’m so […]

  • What not to ask in times of Hurricanes

    So I get a call from a friend who asks if I’m evacuating, and of course, I say I’m not. Not because it isn’t a good idea to get out of the way of a storm that will have 100+ mph winds when it hits DALLAS, but because there is no place to go that […]

  • The Hurricane Drinking Game!

    Well, they tell you to prepare for Mother Nature by getting the essentials – candles, canned goods, and water. And of course, duct tape. You have to have duct tape. But, seeing as how everyone that lives in the Gulf Coast of Texas has dealt with this before, as opposed to those of us who […]