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  • Pick a Card, Any Card

    Much hay has been made about the removal and consolidation of the various ports of the old MacBook Pros to the USB-C-only setup of the newly announced MBPs. A ton of it presumes to know what “professionals” use and need, and some has been close, but most of it conflates photography with video professionals, and frankly, I’ve heard so […]

  • A Line in the Sand

    I’ve been a fan of John Gruber’s Daring Fireball since it launched, and if you were to rummage through my t-shirt collection, you’d find a rather odd stack of DF t-shirts that basically chronicle the life of the site. When he and the team at Q Branch decided to launch Vesper, a note taking app, […]

  • Post Gender Presentations

    There has been a lot written lately about gender as it pertains to professional conferences on web technologies. First off was Jason Kottke presenting the question. Then I caught Eric Meyer, the Patron Saint of CSS, who responded with a resounding “meh” followed by John Gruber’s gender-fireball post, and a comment of clarification by Zeldman […]


    If you thought that A&F were over the line with their catalogs, you are so going to hate this. So totally, amazingly, wonderful. And I really want the shirt.

  • Design’s Function

    Andrei is back, which is a great thing. I don’t always agree with him, but his passion for design can not be overstated, and he generousity with knowledge via tutorials on his blog is one of the reasons I have any skill at all on the web. His latest rant about The Culture brings back […]

  • Parts of OS X are gay?

    Ok, so that’s a bit inflammatory and out there, but I had to. Over on John Gruber’s excellent Daring Fireball you’ll find a discussion of voodoo and the various merits of “repair permissions” and the like. I enjoy just about everything that John writes, having learned a ton about the computers I use and about […]

  • Finally, a new look

    It’s been a while, and the site needed a new look. It’s needed a new look for many moons, but as my time was fleeting and there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the old look, it’s not something I bothered to change. The Department of Homeland Security notwithstanding, it’s better safe than sorry. So, a […]

  • You’re unique… just like everyone else!

    Ok, so politics being what it is, let’s forget for a moment that every single politician has to work the same tired lines, the same tired conferences, speeches, dinners, fund-raisers, blue-haired broads and every other possible cliché of the season, and what do you have? Good question! You see, when elections happen, they aren’t discreet. […]

  • What the…? What’s going on?

    I’ve asked myself that very question many a times as I’ve sat down and tried to get the site changed and updated and whatnot. Well, basically, while I like my design, I feel that having modern and stable software and code on my hosted account is much more important than having a look that is […]

  • Dead to me

    Ok, I’m sick. I’m laying in bed, head pulsing in time with the aftershocks of the East African Earthquake wondering why it is that I don’t get sick often, but when I do, it shuts down my world for a while in ways that are, well, painful. Hateful. And then, because I got up to […]

  • I love the smell of technology in the morning afternoon!

    It’s not like Apple hasn’t been doing a ton of stuff recently, what with releasing a new version of iTunes just over a month ago alongside the new iPod nano. Nor can they really be considered busy as they sold over a MILLION nanos in just over 17 days. I mean, come on, they should […]

  • Whither J.Go, I go, but no Yugo

    Oh for the love of pete and all things wondering, J.Go has been reworking his blog, and because of some friends of his who could, if asked too early in the day, lead him wrong, he’s using WordPress which, as we all know, powers the Hammage-on-Wryness right here. And we simply love it, so I’m […]

  • It’s up!

    Red Nightlife Is Up And while that may not seem like much, it’s been a fun ride for me. I got to play at being a web guy again, and frankly, it’s just play. There are so many things I just don’t know how to do – yet. But anyway, the site works, looks mostly […]

  • The Aviator

    It’s late as most people reckon things, but I have to post this. I just saw The Aviator. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I’m a pretty big fan of aviation anyway, and I know a lot of it’s history, but Howard Hughes was so critical to how we see aviation today, it cannot be overstated. Yes, the […]