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  • Post Gender Presentations

    There has been a lot written lately about gender as it pertains to professional conferences on web technologies. First off was Jason Kottke presenting the question. Then I caught Eric Meyer, the Patron Saint of CSS, who responded with a resounding “meh” followed by John Gruber’s gender-fireball post, and a comment of clarification by Zeldman […]

  • Porn On Wry

    Michael Lucas has been blogging for a while, and even though English is not his first language and he’s a porn star, he’s not a stereotype. Other than the size of his, *ahem*, business machine. His take on the lounging president (“sitting” seems too active for him) is priceless, and while totally Not Safe For […]

  • Say what?

    Ok, so I’m up early and I’m going over some notes and files and seeing what I haven’t posted in the recent past that I fully meant to and I came across a few things. I know, I will have the finale to my long-winded and perhaps wrong-headed article on stupid ideas for healthcare reform […]

  • Yeah, I write too much. Cope.

    First off, I’m talking about the comment spam that ran my hosted server through the roof today. I got home and had a message stating that I had used nearly 100 times my normal daily server cycles, and while that doesn’t put me anywhere near my limit, it does make me want to find out […]

  • Parts of OS X are gay?

    Ok, so that’s a bit inflammatory and out there, but I had to. Over on John Gruber’s excellent Daring Fireball you’ll find a discussion of voodoo and the various merits of “repair permissions” and the like. I enjoy just about everything that John writes, having learned a ton about the computers I use and about […]

  • Finally, a new look

    It’s been a while, and the site needed a new look. It’s needed a new look for many moons, but as my time was fleeting and there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the old look, it’s not something I bothered to change. The Department of Homeland Security notwithstanding, it’s better safe than sorry. So, a […]

  • A thousand points of courage

    I remember once talking with my mom about history. Because, well, it was an odd-numbered grade and so I was failing the final quarter of the history/social science course that was required of all students. This began in the 5th grade, resulting in not only having to redo the project that I had neglected into […]

  • What the…? What’s going on?

    I’ve asked myself that very question many a times as I’ve sat down and tried to get the site changed and updated and whatnot. Well, basically, while I like my design, I feel that having modern and stable software and code on my hosted account is much more important than having a look that is […]

  • Welcoming back a SupahStar!

    Oh happy day! It’s been a while, and frankly, it’s about damn time – Johnny A Go Go has been resurrected!! One of the best blogs out there, with it’s insite and flair, wit, wisdom and wonder, J.Go covers his own life in a free and fun way, even when he’s talking about depressing things […]

  • Help!!

    Unless you’ve managed to hide under a rock for the last week, you know that New Orleans has been sunk under several feet of water. You know that the entire metropolis is basically gone, that the roof of the Superdome was peeled back like an apple in the hands of a 5 year old, and […]

  • Whither J.Go, I go, but no Yugo

    Oh for the love of pete and all things wondering, J.Go has been reworking his blog, and because of some friends of his who could, if asked too early in the day, lead him wrong, he’s using WordPress which, as we all know, powers the Hammage-on-Wryness right here. And we simply love it, so I’m […]