Campaign Toast

Oh gods, it’s almost that time. I kinda dread the new year because on January 12th, not only will I be 4 days into my fifth decade on this planet, it’s also filing day for political races here in Montana.

Politics has devolved into madness. We’re going to go into the fire, armed with matches, gasoline, kerosine and perhaps a flammable blonde wig, again, and then, against all odds, we’re going to get burned.

And then, we’ll bitch about being burned.

Listen, I’m going to be writing a lot about candidates, both new and returning, and I’m going to speak my mind. I won’t be evil, but I won’t pull punches either. This year, we can’t afford to elect another passel of morons hell-bent on driving us back to “The Good Ol’ Days” of 1694. We need powerful leaders, strong minds, good hearts and actual spines.

So while I got an email today telling me the awesome news that someone I respect and like a ton is running for office against an idiot who couldn’t find her ass with both hands if she were sitting on them – and given her lack of forward movement in the legislature last session, she was sitting on them – I’m also not happy that we have to face this madness again.

We will face a series of idiots that will make noise for the sake of making noise, and who are sure that everything that’s wrong in their lives is the fault of big government – BUT DON’T YOU TOUCH THEIR MEDICARE!

I may vomit.

I will definitely fight back.






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